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10 May 2017
Innovative 'Voices from Research' Conference sails from Stockholm Harbour
The conference this year featured LLAKES-related contributions from Professor Karen Evans and Dr Natasha Kersh

The annual invitation Research Conference on Vocational Education and Training has made its seventh voyage on board ship around the islands off the coasts of Sweden and Finland. The conference this year featured LLAKES-related contributions from Professor Karen Evans ( on supporting the learning of freelance and contract-based workers); from Dr Natasha Kersh (who presented interim findings  the Horizon 2020 project on supporting young adults for active citizenship in Europe) and from Professor Chiara Biasin,  who explored the urgency of current issues in adult education in Italy. Valentina Kononova from Siberian Federal University (SFU), Russia, also presented an account of the Tempus project on lifelong language learning which involved UCL/SFU collaboration.This innovative conference generates  peer-reviewed publications and stimulated new research collaborations each year.


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