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11 Mar 2021
New Podcast: Employment prospects, job quality, and the intensification of work
How’s work going for you? Do you feel like you’re working harder than ever before and have little to show for it? We delve into the quality of a number of professions today.

: S08E02

Dr Sam Sims was joined by  to talk about his interest and academic journey covering labour economics, education economics and political economy. This podcast was part of the IOE's 'Research for the Real World' series. 

Professor Green also discussed his research focusing on education, skills, the graduate labour market and the quality of work.

With reduced inward migration following Brexit, what’s happened to the training and upskilling of Britain’s workers, and how has the pandemic affected things? 

Recent research authored by Professor Green examines job quality. What lies behind the long-term intensification of work in Britain? And why is it most felt by teachers?

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