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Unique opportunity for researchers and postgraduate students to work with organisations in the voluntary and community sector
LLAKES Research Paper Series
Private Schooling in the UK in the 21st Century: Participation and Outcomes
The politics of differentiation reforms in secondary education

Competition, cohesion and learning

The LLAKES Centre researches the connections between learning and the promotion of economic competitiveness and social cohesion.

The Centre runs a programme of multi-disciplinary and mixed mode research, which addresses themes of youth, inter-generational mobility, and civic values; learning, work and the economy; and education, inequality and social cohesion.

LLAKES aims to work with policymakers, education and training professionals, employers, trade unions and other interested parties, to improve the way in which national and international research evidence is shared and used.
LLAKES welcomes contributions through its website and attendance at its open seminars from anyone interested in its research programme.

Since 2008, the LLAKES Centre has been funded by the , and hosted by the .

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