Anne Laybourne

Community Research Manager


Students’ Union UCL


Increasing and Evaluating Student Impact in Knowledge and Learning Exchange (ISIKLE)


Research Interests

Strand 2 Leader (ISIKLE)

Since November 2018, Anne has been developing and delivering the Community Research Initiative. Before joining the Students’ Union UCL for this role, Anne was a research associate, working on mainly Research Council-funded social science or clinical research studies at several of the top London universities.

An experienced researcher in different methods, Anne was drawn to community engagement and citizen involvement in research as a way to include more diverse voices and experiences at an early and influential stage within the research process. Underpinning her work on the Community Research Initiative is the strong belief that a university has a civic responsibility and academic research can only bring about real positive social change, or have impact, if it involves the voluntary & community sector as equals and experts. Therefore, the Community Research Initiative supports UCL’s master’s students to strike up new conversations, exchange ideas, and listen to what our local communities are telling us is important to understand more about, test or evaluate.

Current LLAKES Projects

Student Knowledge Exchange (ISIKLE)

Developing Community Research Engagement (CRIS)