Role in LLAKES

Gabriella started working as a Research Associate for LLAKES in June 2015, as a member of the research teams ‘Youth, Inter-generational mobility and civic values’ and ‘Education, inequality and social cohesion’. Her role at LLAKES is centred around advanced quantitative analysis on cross-sectional and longitudinal datasets, such as the British birth cohort studies, BHPS-UKHLS, CELS, WVS-EVS. In particular she is involved in the following projects:

Theme 1 Project 1: Intergenerational Dynamics in Learning Engagement, Life Chances and Well-Being of Young People, with Prof Ingrid Schoon

Theme 1 Project 2: The Crisis for Contemporary Youth: Young People, Opportunities and Civic Values, with Prof Andy Green and Dr Avril Keating

Theme 1 Project 4: Student Debt, Higher Education Participation, and Intermediate Skills Development, with Prof Claire Callender and Prof Geoff Mason

Theme 3 Project 3: Lifelong Learning Systems, Equality, and Civic Values, with Dr Jan Germen Janmaat

She has a PhD in Social Statistics from the University of Manchester’s Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, on the topic of inter-generational transmission of authoritarianism.

Research Interests


- Socio-political attitudes formation and civic participation

- Mechanisms of intergenerational transmission of authoritarianism

- Mechanisms of intergenerational transmission of socio-economic risk factors

- Integration of socio-economic and psychological factors affecting cognitive development and life chances


- Longitudinal data analysis (Multi-level and Structural Equation modelling frameworks)

- Generalized Latent Variable Models (e.g., Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Item Response Theory, Latent Class Analysis)

- Missing data analysis and Multiple Imputation

Recent Outputs and Activities

Updated information on Gabriella's published research can be found here:

Gabriella was also a Teaching fellow at the UCL Institute of Education, between 2017 and 2018, for the following: MSc in Social Policy and Social Research (seminar leader for the modules: Evidence for Policy and Practice; Survey Design); UCL IoE Centre for Doctoral Education (module leader and lecturer, with Dr Golo Henseke, for Quantitative Analysis 1; lectures on Framing your thesis comparatively); UCL IoE BA in Education Studies (lecture on Authoritarian values for the module Youth in a Globalising World).

Gabriella now works as a Research Fellow in the fields of Applied statistics and Economics of education, for the Department of Economic and Business Sciences and the Centre CRENoS at The University of Cagliari, and can be contacted via email here: .