Role in LLAKES

Nicola(Nic) Pensiero is a lecturer in quantitative education and social science at Southampton University School of Education.

Previously he worked at UCL Institute of Education (LLAKES), where he joined in 2013 after completing his PhD at the European University Institute. He is an interdisciplinary researcher with a good record of leading externally funded education research projects. His expertise lies in the use of analytical and choice-based approaches in studying social phenomena such as education programme effectiveness, comparative analysis of the effectiveness of education system characteristics, inequality in educational attainment, school segregation and income inequality.

His current research includes studies on the role of individual decision-making mechanisms in shaping educational inequality by social origins and school segregation. He is also conducting a cross-national study on the effect of upper secondary education system characteristics on skills levels and inequality. In the UK he is conducting a study on the effect of tracking on political engagement.

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Recent Outputs and Activities

Journal articles

· Pensiero, N. & Schoon, I. (2019 in press). Social inequalities in educational attainment.  The changing impact of parents’ social class, social status, education, and family income between 1986 and 2010 in England. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies.

·  Pensiero, N. (2018 ). Computers and labour relations: an employee-employer matched analysis of the wage share in UK workplaces. Working paper.

·   Pensiero, N. (2017). In-house or outsourced public services? A social and economic analysis of the impact of spending policy on the private wage share in OECD countries. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 58(4), 333-351.

·  Pensiero, N., & Green, A. (2018) The Effects of Post-Compulsory Education and Training Systems on Literacy and Numeracy Skills: A Quasi-Cohort Comparative Analysis using PISA 2000 and the 2011 Survey of Adult Skills. European Journal of Education.

·   Green, A. D., Pensiero, N., Franceschelli, M., & Henseke, G. (2017). Education and the Changing Structure of Opportunities for Young People in England. Asian Education Review, 1(1), 7-30.

· Pensiero, N., & Green, F. (2016). Out-of-School-Time Study Programmes: do they work? Oxford Review of Education, 47 (1), 127-143

·  Green, A. D., & Pensiero, N. (2016). The effects of upper secondary education and training systems on skills inequality: A quasi-cohort analysis using PISA 2000 and the OECD survey of adult skills. British Educational Research Journal. 42 (5), 756-769.

·  Liu, Y., Green, A., & Pensiero, N. (2016). Expansion of Higher Education and Inequality of Opportunities: A Cross-national Analysis. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 38 (3), 242-263.

·  Green, A., Green, F., & Pensiero, N. (2015). Cross-Country Variation in Adult Skills Inequality. Comparative Education Review, 59, 595-618.

· Pensiero, N. (2011) Parent-child cultivation and children's cognitive and attitudinal outcomes from a longitudinal perspective. Child Indicators Research, 4 (3), 413-437.

Book chapters and reports

· Pensiero, N., Giancola, O. and Barone, C. (in press, 2019). Socioeconomic Inequality and Student Outcomes in Italy. In Volante, L., Schnepf, S., Jerrim, J., and Klinger, D. (Eds.). Socioeconomic Inequality and Student Outcomes: National Trends, Policies, and Practices. Springer Press.

·  Pensiero, N., (2017). Designing instruction to enhance achievement of all and reduce inequality. In I. Schoon, R. Silbereisen (Eds.), Pathways to Adulthood: The Role of Context. UCL IoE press.

·  Greany T., Barnes I., Mostafa T., Pensiero N., Swensson C. (2016) Trends in Maths and Science Study (TIMSS): National Report for England.

·  Green, A. D., & Pensiero, N. (2016). Comparative Perspectives: Education and Training System Effects on Youth Transitions and Opportunities. In I. Schoon, J. Bynner (Eds.), Young People and the Great Recession: Preparing for an Uncertain Future. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

·  Meierkord, A., Donlevy, D., Pensiero, N., Herrera, F., & Green, A. D. (2016). Study of the Link between the Levels of Basic Competences and Formal Educational Attainment in a Cross-Country and Comparative Perspective. European Commission.

·  Green, A., Green, F., & Pensiero, N. (2014). Why are Literacy and Numeracy Skills in England so Unequal.