International Trends in Training and Reskilling within Public Administration

Monday 29 February 2016, 5.15 to 6.45 pm Room 826, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

Presenter: Professor Nikos Papadakis, University of Crete

This seminar deals with the role of Human Resources Development (HRD) in Public Administration (PA). It explores the contribution made by re-skilling civil servants to improving Public Sector Capacity. Issues will be raised concerning the relationship between the quality of governance quality, public sector efficiency, HRD, and capacity building in PA, taking into account cross-country analysis and findings from comparative studies.

The presentation focuses on Competency Management, in order to present and analyze the new trend towards the competence-based HRD approach, which is developing worldwide. This shift reflects the transition from the rather rigid administrative tradition – based on the “classical career model” – to more flexible and objective-based models of administration emerging within increasingly complex institutions. Within this context, the session synopsizes the requirements and determinants of this new approach, reflecting the divergences and convergences in different national cases.  

Nikos Papadakis is Professor and former Head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Crete. He was recently a Special Adviser in the European Commission. He participated in the European Commission Education and Training Coordination Group, and he was a member of the Advisory Board of the UNDP Regional Centre for Public Administration Reform. Additionally, he contributed to the European Commission Standing Group on Indicators & Benchmarks, and served on the Central Accreditation Committee of the National Centre of Public Administration.

The seminar is free to attend, but prior registration would be helpful: to register, please contact   to book a place.