LLAKES Book Launch

Book: Civil Disorder, Domestic Terrorism and Education Policy: The Context in England and France (Palgrave)

Date: Tuesday 18 February 2020
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Venue: Room 709a, IOE main building (20 Bedford Way)

Booking: If you are interested in attending this event, please email Helena Moxon ()

Authors: Jonathan S. James and Jan Germen Janmaat

This book traces the impact of occurrences of Islamic terrorism and outbreaks of civil disorder on approaches to immigrant integration and education policy England and France. Since 2001, England and France have experienced outbreaks of rioting in which young people of immigrant origin have been implicated. Both have also been the targets of Islamic terrorist attacks committed by their own citizens. The two countries have had similar experiences of immigration since the Second World War, but are considered to have taken divergent approaches to immigrant integration. Whilst Britain has tended towards a ‘multicultural race relations’ approach, France has tended towards a Republican assimilationist approach. Through the analysis of policy discourse, policy documents, and secondary sources, the authors seek to establish whether, given the common challenges faced by the two countries, these distinct approaches to immigrant integration have been maintained or whether they are converging.

Jonathan S. James is a PhD candidate at UCL Institute of Education, funded by the UCL Graduate Research Fellowship. His research investigates how policies developed in response to the threat of Islamic terrorism are being implemented in schools in England and France in light of the two countries’ policy traditions, and educators’ pre-existing values and practices.

Jan Germen Janmaat is Reader in Comparative Social Science at UCL Institute of Education. His research focuses on the links between education, civic values, diversity, and social cohesion. He is editor of The Dynamics and Social Outcomes of Education Systems.