Pathways to Adulthood: Educational opportunities, academic motivation and attainment in times of social change

Date: 6 November 2017

Time: 2pm (5pm reception and 7pm dinner)

Room: 822

The book showcases main findings of the international Fellowship Program ‘Pathways to Adulthood’ launched in 2008, bringing together contributions from the Fellows. Using robust evidence from large scale, longitudinal and comparative panel studies such as PISA as well as country specific evidence from the UK, Germany, Finland, Poland, the US, Canada and Australia, the essays examine the experiences of current cohorts of young people in the global North-West preparing for the transition to independent adulthood. Questions raised by the authors of this book include how to reduce the negative impact of structural constraints on levels of individual attainment, in particular educational attainment; how to support the development of motivation, engagement and achievement orientation in school and during the transition to adulthood; and how to enable effective functioning and coping in a changing world.