The Comparative Politics of Education: Teachers Unions and Education Systems Around the World

11 May 2017, 1.00 – 7.00 pm, Room 675, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

This seminar focuses on the recently published book: The Comparative Politics of Education: Teacher Unions and Education Systems Around the World (Cambridge University Press, 2017). The book seeks to understand the politics of education in different parts of the World through the lens of power and interests. It provides the first full account of how the teacher unions, especially since the 1960s, have exercised great power in education, and have been the leading opponents of education reform.

Authors of the book will discuss the teacher unions as political actors and show how the unions have lobbied to influence and block reform threatening their interests in a number of European countries and the USA. 

The programme as below includes presentations from the book’s editors and key contributors. The session will conclude with a reception to launch the book. Participants are welcome to attend all or part of the event. Registration is helpful; please contact  to register.

1.00-1.15 PM        Welcome from Andy Green, LLAKES Director

1.15-1.35 pm        Overview of the book, its rationale and findings                           Terry M. Moe, Stanford University

1.35-1.55 pm        Teacher Unions in the United States: the Politics of Blocking      Terry M. Moe, Stanford University

1.55-2.15 pm        Questions from the audience                                                        Terry M. Moe, Stanford University

2.15-2.35 pm        Teacher Unionism in France: Making Fundamental Reform         Michael Dobbins, Goethe University of
                              an Impossible Quest?                                                                   Frankfurt     

2.35-2.55 pm        Teacher Unionism in Germany: Fragmented Competitors             Rita Nikolai, Humboldt-University Berlin

2.55-3.15 pm        Questions from the audience

3.15-3.45 pm         Tea break

3.45-4.05 pm         Teacher Unions in the Nordic Countries: Solidarity and               Susanne Wiborg, UCL Institute of Education
                               the Politics of Self-Interest

4.05-4.25 pm         Teacher Unions in England: The End is Nigh?                              Susanne Wiborg, UCL Institute of Education

4.25-4.45 pm          Questions from the audience and discussion forum

4.45-5.30 pm          Closing statements                                                                       Andy Green, UCL Institute of Education

5.30-7.00 pm          Reception and book launch (Room 784)