Private School Sector Claims: Fact Check

Event name: Private School Sector Claims: Fact Check

Date: Thursday 26 November 2020

Time: 6.30pm – 8pm

Speakers: Professor Francis Green (UCL Institute of Education), Professor Adam Swift (Department of Political Science), Professor Anna Vignoles (Cambridge University) Dr Louise Archer (Royal Holloway), and prominent journalists


About this event:

You are invited to join us for an educational and entertaining evening with top panellists drawn from the worlds of academia and journalism, who will work through claims made by the independent schools sector and see how well they stand up to scrutiny.

‘Private school sector claims: Fact check’ is the inaugural launch of Private School Policy Reform’s publication by the same name, written by leading professor of education economics at UCL Institute of Education, Francis Green.

Like the publication, our virtual Zoom event will move through 11 common claims made by the independent schools sector as found across broadcast and print.

Media stories relating to each will be shown to the audience, and then we will move to the panel who will draw on studies and evidence to discuss whether and how the claim is backed by the research available.

Audience members will be treated to an informative and light-hearted evening, with a Q&A and opportunity to meet leading academics and experts in the areas of private schools and media coverage. Do bring a glass of wine or hot chocolate with you to your laptop.

The standard fee for this event is £3 but if you can afford to support us with a higher amount, please purchase a ‘donation’ ticket and choose any amount you like. We are an entirely voluntary organisation. Thank you!