ASEM Symposium: Supporting Adult Education for a Sustainable Life Course – Asian and European perspectives on Education, Work and Citizenship

LLAKES has co-sponsored, with the University of Glasgow,  this highly successful international symposium of the Asia-Europe Meeing Lifelong Learning Hub.  Professors Karen Evans and Andy Green have collaborated with Professor Mike Osborne of University of Glasgow, ASEM Hub and the Asia-Europe Foundation to bring together, in the City of Glasgow,  contributors from ASEM Research Networks on Lifelong Learning Strategies and on Workplace Learning with researchers and university leaders from a wide range of Asian and European countries. Nic Pensiero and Natasha Kersh presented findings from LLAKES research and an overview of a new Horizon 2020 project, respectively. Presentations, including the keynote presentation by Karen Evans, will be available via the conference web link, in the near future.