Springer Lifelong Learning Series

Professors Karen Evans and Andrew Brown are Series Editors of the Springer Lifelong Learning Series -an international book series – which is entering into a new phase in which it will focus on re-imagining lifelong learning for the future. With a strong comparative and international focus, LLAKES is a natural base for the Series and new proposals are warmly welcomed.

Forthcoming volumes include:

Inequality, Innovation and Reform in Higher Education: Challenges of migration and ageing Populations by Maria Slowey and Hans G. Schuetze (eds) (due 2019)

Young Adults and Active Citizenship: Towards Social Inclusion through Adult EducationNatasha Kersh, Pirkko Pitkänen; Hanna Toiviainen ; George K. ZARIFIS (eds.) (due 2020)- Open Access publication

Current practices in workplace and organizational learning – Revisiting the classics and advancing knowledge – Bente Elkjaer, Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen and Maja Marie Lotz (eds.