The Third International Handbook of Lifelong Learning is Now Available

Professor Karen Evans is delighted to announce that the 2023 Handbook, with 63 chapters and more than 100 authors, is now out in hard copy and e-versions.

This Third edition brings together an entirely new set of chapters, to reflect progress and new themes in the ten years to 2022. Building on the established structure of the first two Handbooks, the four sections focus in turn on: philosophy, history and theory development; fresh perspectives on policy and policy development; emerging programs and new approaches; and re-imagining lifelong learning for future challenges.The Handbook stimulates readers with fresh and timely insights, while exploring anew some enduring themes. New topics and themes introduced in all sections address lifelong learning challenges associated with climate change, the digital world, the rise of populism, migration and precarious living. The Handbook features learning innovations and evolving pedagogies such as intergenerational learning, art as pedagogy to promote public-mindedness, neuroscience enhancing learning effectiveness, and lifelong learning for sustainability. Policy responses to lifelong learning for work and well-being are debated. 

In state of the art contributions, authors from around the globe focus readers’ attention on multifaceted processes, issues and decisions that must be better understood and enacted if inclusive development and fair access to lifelong learning are to become realities for us all.