The LLAKES Centre publishes a series of research papers, written by both members of the Centre and by invited contributors from other organisations. These Papers typically represent work-in-progress for the authors concerned; these versions of the papers are placed on-line in order to encourage discussion and debate. There are currently 66 papers available to download.

  • Research Paper 6: Do Private Schools Increase Social Class Segregation in Basic Education Schools in Norway?
    by Jon Lauglo
  • Research Paper 5: School Systems, Segregation and Civic Competences among Adolescents
    by Jan Germen Janmaat
  • Research Paper 4: Classroom Diversity and its Relation to Tolerance, Trust and Participation in England, Sweden and German
    by Jan Germen Janmaat
  • Research Paper 3: The Anatomy of Inequalities in Educational Achievements: An International Investigation of the Effects of Stratification
    by Tarek Mostafa
  • Research Paper 2: Questioning the Simplistic Link between Qualifications and Labour Market Entry: New Forms of Expertise and Learning in the Creative and Cultural Sectors
    by David Guile
  • Research Paper 1: Regimes of Social Cohesion
    by Andy Green, Jan Germen Janmaat and Christine Han