Jan Germen Janmaat

Professor of political socialization, UCL Institute of Education


Education, Practice and Society


Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies (LLAKES)

Phone: 0207 612 6631
Office: 771b

Role in LLAKES

Deputy Director and PI for ‘Post-16 Educational Trajectories’ Project

IRIS profile: https://iris.ucl.ac.uk/iris/browse/profile?upi=JGJAN79

Personal web page: https://germjanmaat.wordpress.com/

Research Interests

Germ is interested in the development of civic values and identities among young people and in the impact of education, broadly conceived, on these outcomes. In recent years his research has increasingly focussed on political engagement and tolerance as key civic values. He examines the effect of education amidst other micro- and macro-level influences on both levels and inequalities of these outcomes. Given the interdisciplinary nature of his research interests, he published more than 40 articles across the fields of education, sociology, political science and diversity studies. He has published eight books so far, the latest of which is Education, Democracy and Inequality: Political Engagement and Citizenship Education in Europe, Palgrave, co-authored with Bryony Hoskins.

Current LLAKES Projects

Education and Inequalities in Political Engagement

Recent Outputs and Activities

(i)      Books

James, J. and Janmaat, J.G. (2019). Civil Disorder, Domestic Terrorism and Educational Policy: The Context in England and France. Basingstoke: Palgrave

Hoskins, B. and Janmaat, J.G. (2019). Education, Democracy and Inequality: Political Engagement, and Citizenship Education in Europe. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Everett, H. (†) (2018). Faith Schools, Tolerance and Diversity: Exploring the Influence of Education on Students’ Levels of Tolerance. Janmaat, J. G., Vickers, E., and Everett, H. (eds.). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Parker-Jenkins., M., Glenn, M. and Janmaat, J.G. (2015). Reaching in, Reaching Out: Faith Schools, Community Engagement and 21st Century Skills for Intercultural Understanding. London: Institute of Education Press.

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Janmaat, J.G. (2000), Nation-Building in Post-Soviet Ukraine: Educational Policy and the Response of the Russian-speaking Population. Amsterdam/Utrecht: Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap (KNAG) (PhD thesis).


(ii)        Journal articles

Janmaat, J.G. (forthcoming). ‘School Social Segregation and Social Inequalities in Political Engagement among 16 to 20 year olds in Fourteen Countries’, Research Papers in Education

Sampermans, D., Claes, E. and Janmaat, J. G. (forthcoming). Back on track? How civic learning opportunities widen the political knowledge gap in a tracked education system, School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

Rüber, I. E., & Janmaat, J. G. (2021). Does Participation in Adult Education Increase Volunteering? An Analysis of British Longitudinal DataAdult Education Quarterly, 71 (1), 55-72.

Keating, A., & Janmaat, J. G. (2020). Immigrants, inclusion, and the role of hard work: Exploring anti‐immigrant attitudes among young people in Britain. The Sociological Review, 68(6), 1212-28.

Wolhuter, C.C., Janmaat, G-J., Van der Walt, J.L. & Potgieter, F.J., (2020), ‘The role of the school in inculcating citizenship values in South Africa: Theoretical and international comparative perspectives’, South African Journal of Education, 40, (Supplement 2), S1-S11

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Janmaat, J.G. (2018). Educational Influences on Young People's Support for Fundamental British Values, British Educational Research Journal, 44 (2), 251-273.

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(iii)       Chapters in books

Janmaat, J.G. (forthcoming). ‘Education in England’. In Steyn, H. J. & Wolhuter, C. C.  (eds), World Education Systems Entering the Twenty-First Century, Noordbrug: Keurkopie.

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(iv)       Other publications including op-ed pieces

Janmaat, J.G. (2017). ‘The overriding effect of educational tracking on support for Fundamental British Values’. In: CNESCO Report Comment l’evaluation des politiques publiques contribue-t-elle a la vie democratique. CNESCO: Paris, pp 51-53. http://www.cnesco.fr/wpcontent/uploads/2017/09/Contributions_Evaluation_et_democratie.pdf

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(v)        Reports

Janmaat, J.G., Hoskins, B., Mueller-Mathis, S. and Abs, H. J. (2012). Perceptions of Inequality: Technical Report on the Quantitative Data. LLAKES Research Report. Available at: http://www.llakes.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Perceptions-of-Inequalities-Technical-Report-Part-1.pdf.

Hoskins, B., Kerr, D., Abs, H. J., Janmaat, J. G., Morrison, J., Ridley, R., and Sizmur, J. (2012). Participatory Citizenship in the European Union: Analytic Report. Available at: http://ec.europa.eu/citizenship/pdf/report2_analytic_report.pdf [My contribution: 15%]


(vi)       Research papers

Janmaat, J.G., Green, A., Melis, G. and Pensiero, N. (2017). 'The Dynamics of support for Brexit: Identifying the Groups for which Support for  'Leave' Has Changed'. LLAKES Research Paper 65. Available at ../../../publications%202014%20and%20later/LLAKES%20Research%20Paper%2065%20-%20Janmaat%20et%20al.pdf

Han, C., Janmaat, J.G., Hoskins, B. and Green, A. (2012). ‘Perceptions of Inequalities: Implications for Social Cohesion’. LLAKES Research Paper 35. Available at: http://www.llakes.org/home/llakes-research-papers. [My contribution: 45%]

Janmaat, J.G. (2010). ‘Classroom Diversity and its Relation to Tolerance, Trust and Participation in England, Sweden and Germany’. LLAKES Research Paper 4. Available at: http://www.llakes.org/Home/llakes-research-papers.

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(vii)      UCL-IOE blogs

Janmaat, J.G. and Hoskins, B (2019). Voter turnout: How the education system widens the social class gap. 10-12-’19. https://ioelondonblog.wordpress.com/2019/12/10/voter-turnout-how-the-education-system-widens-the-social-class-gap/

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Janmaat, J.G. (2016). ‘We must listen to young people’s overwhelming vote to remain’. 28 June. https://ioelondonblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/we-must-listen-to-young-peoples-overwhelming-vote-to-remain/

Janmaat, J.G. (2015). ‘Russell Brand is wrong: Young people should vote and schools should do more to encourage them’. 10 March. https://ioelondonblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/russell-brand-is-wrong-young-people-should-vote-and-schools-should-do-more-to-encourage-them/#comments

Janmaat, J.G. (2013). ‘Research shows why anti-immigrant attitudes can fan the flames of ethnic intolerance’. 7 August. https://ioelondonblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/research-shows-why-anti-immigrant-attitudes-can-fan-the-flames-of-ethnic-intolerance/


(viii)     Book Reviews

Janmaat, J.G. (2011). Review of Daniel Faas, Negotiating Political Identities: Multiethnic Schools and Youth in Europe, Farnham: Ashgate. Ethnic and Racial Studies, No 2, 387-88.

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