Strand 1: Developing Knowledge Exchange & VSO capacity – The Evaluation Exchange

Project Lead

Gemma Moore

Team Members

Ruth Unstead-Joss



The UCL Evaluation Exchange: We believe in building links, bringing together diverse knowledge and expertise for people to work together on evaluation.  The Evaluation Exchange is a knowledge exchange programme between UCL postgraduate researchers and voluntary and community sector organisations in Camden and Newham. For us this means creating connections to deepen understanding of evaluation and learning to enrich practice and make a difference.



This project is part of the UCL wide Increasing and Evaluating Student Impact in Knowledge and Learning Exchange (ISIKLE) programme, funded by the Office for Students/Research England.

The Evaluation Exchange is a programme for UCL postgraduate researchers to connect with voluntary sector organisations (VSOs) in Camden and east London to develop and apply their research skills.

The Evaluation Exchange is an initiative that connects UCL postgraduate researchers with VSOs by forming collaborative partnership to tackle an evaluation challenge (be that designing an evaluation plan, developing a theory of change, designing surveys, analysing existing data, or writing an impact report).

The initiative aims to “connect the know-how to the how-to” to give researchers a valuable opportunity to apply and develop their research skills and gain ‘hands-on’ experience of the voluntary sector. Voluntary organisations are supported to build capacity around effective evaluation: essential for proving the impact of the work they do and building their resilience.

The ethos of the Evaluation Exchange is connection, collaboration and experimentation, trying new things and seeing what grows from them. The Evaluation Exchange is delivered in partnership with the organisation Compost (London) and Voluntary Action Camden (VAC). These collaborative partnership are supported throughout their entirety. After matching the skills and interests of the participants they are provided with training and support throughout the programme to help make the most out the experience. 

Why get involved?

This programme is an opportunity for students to enhance their research skills outside of a university setting – a real world application of knowledge that has the potential to make a difference to the workings of VSOs.

Students help embed the use of successful evaluation approaches within the voluntary sector in Camden and east London, leading to a lasting change in practice and making a valued contribution to organisations. Connecting with individuals outside of the university enables the creation of new networks. Students enhance their research and evaluation skills, tap into the workings of a VSO, and have the opportunity to enhance their experience outside of the typical university setting.

For more details, visit the Evaluation Exchange website.

This Strand is led by the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering.


Compost exists to support Voluntary and Community Sector groups to grow, develop and thrive through a catalogue of expert support.

VAC is the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in Camden.
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Ruth Unstead-JossProject ManagerUCL, Bartlett School

For more details, visit the Evaluation Exchange website.